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Colin Greenwood

Hi. I'm Colin Greenwood.

Blueshire Services designs and develops software, specifically Oracle database tools and Android Apps. There are currently three tools ( Scheduler FE Grid, Scheduler FE, Resource FE Plus ) and four apps ( InventoryCount, AssetCheck, AssetCheckPlusMap and LibraryBooks ) which are covered in the Apps page.


The first three are tools designed for use on the Oracle Database. If you are familiar with the Oracle database then you will be aware that the Oracle database incorporates a scheduling system. Prior to Oracle 10g this scheduling process had limited functionality. With Oracle 10g this totally changed and a totally new and sophisticated tool was incorporated. Scheduler FE is the front end for Oracle's Scheduler module. Scheduler FE Grid takes Scheduler FE a stage further. Whereas Scheduler FE is database centric, Scheduler FE Grid looks at a grid of databases and allows the user to log onto any number of databases at the same time and look at the Scheduling modules across databases.


Scheduler FE Grid, Scheduler FE and Resource FE Plus were developed using Java with the Swing and JDBC libraries. This enables them to run on any hardware that incorporates the Java virtual machine.



Scheduler FE is a tool designed and built to sit on top of Oracle's Scheduler module. The new tool, Scheduler FE, where FE stands for Front End, is designed to allow the user to gain access to the information that is required from the database. It offers a set of screens that gives the user the Scheduling information required in an intuitive manner. It allows the user to move easily from one area to another so that the information required can be easily retrieved.


Scheduler FE allows the underlying objects to be seen as a whole. It shows the relationships between them in a graphical tree structure and then by highlighting the specific object the user can dig down to see the specific values that have been assigned to objects.


Scheduler FE is licensed under the Apache 2 license thereby making it Freeware. There is no license fee for using Scheduler FE and the source code can be downloaded and used.



Scheduler FE Grid takes off where Scheduler FE finishes. It extends the product by allowing database connections to multiple databases at the same time. This is to enable the Scheduler manager to manage the databases across the database grid, hence the title, Scheduler FE Grid. To enable this the product needs to identify which version of the database it is logged into and to take this into account when displaying object details and allowing changes to the database scheduler. This it does.


The latest release of Scheduler FE Grid incorporates the functionality of Resource FE. It acts as a front end for Oracle's Resource Manager.


Scheduler FE Grid is licensed under the Apache 2 license thereby making it Freeware. There is no license fee for using Scheduler FE Grid and the source code can be downloaded and used.



Resource FE Plus is Blueshire Services's second tool and retains the look and feel of Scheduler FE. Again it is a front end but in this instance a front end for Oracle's Resource Manager.


It is designed to aid the user in utilising the Resource Manager tool. Its screens, menus and functions are designed to be intuitive thereby allowing the user to concentrate on the task to be accomplished rather then the technical process of achieving it. By this method it is expected that the user will accomplish his task in a more efficient manner.The tool will assist the user to act proactively in preventing problems arising.Resource FE Plus also incorporates the functionality contained within Scheduler FE. The Plus in Resource FE Plus stands for Plus the Scheduler.