Colin's Webpage

Hi. I'm Colin Greenwood.

Currently my main areas of interest are in the creation of Android apps. This takes two forms. The creation of apps for galleries of which I have produced two at present. These are for the Wallace Collection in London and the Barber Institute in Birmingham. It has to be stated that both these projects are private projects and the galleries themselves are in no way responsible for the outcome, whether good or bad.


The second form is the creation of computer generated visual art. Two of these works have been incorporated into the Wallace Collection app and the Barber Institute app. These are works that are in the style of Piet Mondrian, the Dutch artist and can be seen on the introductory page of the apps. Also to be found on the app page is BS Image Animator which is a structure that I created to create and work with new visuals. A form of sketch pad for computer generated visual art forms.


You will also find within the web site my legacy work which is database tools for Oracle databases. This includes Scheduler FE Grid, Scheduler FE and Resource FE Plus. There exists the source code and the application zip files in addition to several tutorial videos. There is no intention to do any further work on these.