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Hi. I'm Colin Greenwood.

As I mentioned on the front page Blueshire Services designs and develops software, specifically Oracle database tools and Android Apps. Blueshire is the company that I operate through. With only myself I do not have the resources that larger corporations have access to. It is therefore crucial to get feedback from the user community.


If you are using Blueshire tools and find an error please e-mail me so that it can be corrected. Alternatively if you feel that the tool would be enhanced by the inclusion of some functionality then again please e-mail me with your thoughts. After all it is you that will gain so please give me your feedback.


You can contact me, Colin Greenwood, on the following e-mail :-







Privacy Policy

Blueshire Services do not collect personal information.

If personal information is obtained by for instance enquiries to me then that personal information is not passed on to third parties.

Cookies are not used by Blueshire Services.