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All of Blueshire Services software is designed to be intuitive in their use. This applies to Scheduler FE Grid, Scheduler FE and Resource FE Plus.

Scheduler FE Grid is designed to operate across all five platforms, that is Oracle 10g Release 1 and 2, Oracle 11g Relase 1 and 2, and Oracle 12c.

The documentaion for Scheduler FE is based on Oracle 11g Release 2. This is also the case for Resource FE Plus. For Scheduler Grid the documentation is based on Oracle 12c.





The Scheduler Grid documentation has been updated to include Scheduler Grid 7.2. To access the documentation click on the following link -

Schedule FE Grid - User Documentation


For Scheduler FE Grid a document has been written that details the changes specific to Version This is not Scheduler FE Grid full documentation, see above, but the upgrade documentation - Schedule FE Grid - Upgrade User Documentation


The source code for Scheduler FE Grid is provided on the "Source Code" tab. The following document Schedule FE Grid - Technical Documentation is primary for use by developers and other associated personel who are interested in the technical build of the system. The document is still being worked on, currently the last date of update was 23rd Feb 2015.





To access the documentation click on the following link -

Schedule FE - User Documentation



Scheduler FE has been designed for use outside of the IT Department. It is configurable both in its appearance and its functionality. To illustrate how Scheduler FE can be configured for use by non IT members a document has been prepared. This has been called

Schedule FE - Setting Up A User to Run Specific Jobs



Throughout the development of Scheduler FE I have always attempted to avoid the hard coding of values. Instead I have used a parameter file to hold these values and the following document describes the set up of the parameter file. This will assist users that wish to delve deeper into Scheduler FE.


Schedule FE - Technical Documentation on the Parameter File - SchedFileData.csv




The following document has been prepared to assist you in using Resource FE Plus. Though Resource FE Plus also incorporates the Scheduler FE functionality found in Scheduler FE, this area is not covered. For this area the documentation for Scheduler FE can be read.


Resource FE Plus - User Documentation


I hope this meets all your documentation requirements but if there are topics that you would like further information on please contact me using the e-mail address found on the Home page.