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Both Resource FE Plus and Scheduler FE have been designed and developed as RCP, Rich Client Platform, and hence intuitive to use. Nevertheless a series of tutorials have been created to assist you in using both Schedule FE and Resource FE Plus.


If you wish to repeat the tutorials on your own database then the attached Oracle scripts will help in setting up the database objects that are used within the tutorials.


All of the tutorials are on with links below taking you to the specific tutorial.

The following are the Resource FE Plus tutorials that are currently available -


1. Starting Resource FE Plus.
2. Overview of Resource FE Plus
3. Implementing the Resource Plan
4. Assigning Processes to the Resource Plan
5. The Session Screen and Consumer Group Permissions
6. Consumer Groups and Scheduler Jobs
7. Resource Plans and Scheduler Windows
8. Resource Plans Directives, Updating and Dropping Objects



The following are the Scheduler FE tutorials that will shortly be available -


1. Starting Scheduler FE.
2. Creating A Job.
3. Creating A Program.